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School of International Futures

School of International Futures (SOIF) is a not-for-profit consultancy that uses strategic foresight and futures thinking to help decision-makers, such as government and business leaders, to enhance innovation, competitiveness, and resilience; to better understand and manage risk; and to improve strategic decisions through current and long-term insights.

Launched in 2018 by SOIF, Next Generation Foresight Practitioners (NGFP) is a global network of almost 600 people using futures and foresight to create positive impact and systemic transformation in their communities and beyond.

Small Foundation first partnered with SOIF in 2020 to support the NGFP network in Africa (NGFP Africa) African Futures Leadership Series. Following the successful pilot, in 2022 we entered a new multi-year partnership to support NGFP Africa to sustain and scale its network activities.

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