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Small Foundation expands partnership with School of International Futures

Image: NGFP 2022 fellows

Small Foundation is delighted to announce an exciting new multi-year partnership with School of International Futures (SOIF) to support its Next Generation Foresight Practitioners (NGFP) network in Africa (NGFP Africa).

With 178 members across 24 African countries, NGFP Africa’s vision is to support the next generation of African leaders and changemakers to publish, link, build skills, and design futures as a critical capability to address Africa’s opportunities and challenges.

NGFP Africa belongs to the global NGFP Network, a co-created platform for up-and-coming foresight practitioners to connect and access professional and personal development support. Catalysed in 2018, the NGFP Network is now a vibrant and growing community of 581 members in 80+ countries.

Africa Award 2022

“When analysed, it becomes evident that start-ups that fail lack foresight – their founders have failed to anticipate the risks and challenges of alternative futures. Futures thinking and strategic foresight are at the heart of start-up finance.”

Daniel Odediran, Nigeria, Africa Award 2022

Daniel Odediran belongs to the cohort of NGFP 2022 awardees. His new status as an NGFP fellow comes with membership to NGFP Africa, the largest regional node of the global NGFP Network. Daniel won the 2022 Africa Award for his project which he envisions will catalyse Africa’s economic development by supporting African entrepreneurs.

With a background in start-up support, advisory and investment ecosystems across the continent, Daniel has observed a tendency to apply Western solutions to issues faced by African entrepreneurs. Believing this practice contributes to higher rates of failure, Daniel proposes to improve African start-up success rates by training entrepreneurs in futures and foresight skills, and providing a platform to support collaboration towards innovative solutions for African contexts.

SOIF and Small Foundation

Small Foundation previously partnered with SOIF to support NGFP Africa’s African Futures Leadership Series. This successful pilot brought together a cohort of 13 foresight practitioners across the continent for co-learning and training in leadership, foresight and futures.

This next phase of partnership will build on our previous collaboration and SOIF’s further successes with NGFP Africa. Through its programmes, NGFP Africa is engaged in systems we seek to impact, including digitisation, good governance, and rural futures.

Part of Small Foundation’s impact networks portfolio, NGFP Africa enables community change, leadership growth, increased skills and connections, and shifts in power dynamics and away from negative African narratives.

About SOIF: SOIF is a not-for-profit consultancy that uses strategic foresight and futures thinking to help decision-makers, such as government and business leaders, to enhance innovation, competitiveness, and resilience; to better understand and manage risk; and to improve strategic decisions through current and long-term insights.



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