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Converge: change and new beginnings

“As living systems, networks are meant to change form as energy shifts and people are drawn to new inspirations. Change is the only constant, and rather than fighting change, we can embrace it and create space for new things to emerge.”

– Converge, September 2023

Small Foundation has been learning from and with Converge for the last five years, and it has been a formative guide in the development of our network practice. Converge was always a collaboration between experts and the individuals in this collective will no longer be working together under the Converge name. 

All Converge’s current commitments are unaffected by this change.  We also expect individual experts to continue to support Small Foundation’s network practice in the future.  

Through accessing Converge’s expertise, our partners have upskilled and shared peer insights to become stronger, more capable network leaders. They have become more attuned and responsive to their memberships while learning to convey the value and measure the impact of their networks. 

Small Foundation funded Converge to develop critical resources for network practitioners and thinkers including the Impact Networks book, the Impact Networks documentary, the Network IMM Toolkit, and the Network Leadership Series. We also greatly appreciate the work that Converge experts have taken forward with network leader Nono Sekhoto to support a new peer network of network coordinators. 

We acknowledge and celebrate the many members of Converge that we have worked with to date, including Carri Munn, Elsa Henderson, Nick Viele, Zach Anderson, Kelly Jarvis, and David Ehrlichman. Although we did not work with him directly, we also recognise that Small Foundation has drawn inspiration from the work of Converge’s co-founder David Sawyer, who died in late 2022.  

We look forward to emerging opportunities for collaboration to continue to catalyse and support impact networks in Africa and across the globe. 

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