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Impact Networks: Creating Change in a Complex World

Small Foundation is excited to announce the release of a ground-breaking new documentary by our partner Converge.

Impact Networks: Creating Change in a Complex World explores the potential for impact networks to advance social change through multi-stakeholder collaboration towards a common purpose.

“When we work together across boundaries for a shared purpose, we dramatically expand what is possible.”

The documentary features the insights of six accomplished network leaders, including two Small Foundation partners:

When cultivated intentionally, impact networks embrace the reality that everything is connected and seek to generate impact through collaboration. Although each network is unique in its focus and composition, they are remarkably similar in their approach.

This approach to generating social change is at once familiar and innovative, drawing inspiration from the natural world and embracing a living-systems approach to organising. Impact networks span regions, organisations, and silos of all kinds. They bring people together to build relationships across boundaries, leverage the work, skills, and motivations of the group, and make progress amid unpredictable and ever-changing conditions. Given the increasing complexity of the issues we face as a society, our ability to form, grow, and work through networks has never been more essential.

Small Foundation supported this documentary to amplify our learning and work in impact networks, which we view as an essential component to the systems change lens required to achieve our mission to end extreme poverty in sub-Saharan Africa.

This film complements the 2021 book by David Ehrlichman—Impact Networks: Create Connection, Spark Collaboration, and Catalyze Systemic Change. For more information and free resources for cultivating networks, visit the Converge website at converge.net.


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