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Small Foundation partners with Emerging Leaders 

Emerging Leaders (EL), a non-profit organisation headquartered in the United Kingdom, has been offering leadership training to rural and vulnerable populations in sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) and parts of Southern Asia since 2005. EL’s mission is to empower people in vulnerable communities with the motivation, mindsets and skills needed to flourish at work, at home, and within their communities, enabling pathways out of poverty.  

EL’s training participants are commonly rural workers of farms/factories and smallholder farmers operating in global supply chains. The programme is highly effective in creating mindset and behaviour changes, increasing productive engagement in the workplace, improving diversity of income for smallholder farmers and empowering individuals to pursue their own income-generating opportunities. EL’s programme has also been proven to accelerate and magnify the impact of subsequent training received by participants.  

Small Foundation is impressed by EL’s sustainable approach to leadership development through its corporate earned-revenue model. EL uses a variety of delivery methods, boasting large corporate partnerships such as Marks & Spencer and innocent alongside local supplier partnerships in SSA, and a train-the-trainer programme which aims to proliferate their impact. 

Small Foundation is excited to announce our partnership with EL with a grant to support a consultancy engagement with Spring Impact to explore scaling strategies and increase impact sustainably. Spring Impact is a non-profit with a mission to scale social impact by helping organisations identify, design and implement the right replication model to solve social problems on a much larger scale. 

Through this partnership, Small Foundation looks forward to supporting a leadership development organisation targeting smallholder farmers and rural workers within global supply chains to achieve sustainable scale and impact. To learn more about Emerging Leaders, please visit their website. 


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