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Small Foundation launches 2021 Impact & Insights Report

We are delighted to share our first Impact & Insights Report. For 15 years Small Foundation has been learning and evolving but always with the vision of a thriving Africa free from extreme poverty.

Our vision is achieved through our partners: their work, stories and experiences. This report tries to articulate some of this work, celebrate their progress and record our collective learnings.

We believe our vision requires systems change and collaboration, so this report does not aim to ‘attribute’ impact to Small Foundation. Rather we want to show how the work of our partners is changing the system and what we are learning from this.

We developed this report as a microsite hopefully to best amplify the work of our partners, be transparent, disseminate research and share knowledge for the benefit of the wider ecosystem. We hope you will be able to explore and follow what most interests you.

Systems change is a nuanced and complex learning journey. This is our first attempt to share how we seek to catalyse change, what our partners are achieving, and what we are learning. We are pleased to share this with you and warmly welcome your feedback.

Image: Collaborative for Frontier Finance 2022 Annual Convening in Dar Es Salaam

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